Heidi Anne is a British singer/songwriter from Manchester, known mainly for her 2012 single, 'When the sun comes up', which featured A-List stars; T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross. Following this she released 'Cryin' it out' with Wiz khalifa and featured as a singer on tour with Rick Ross himself. Heidi Anne toured the UK with The Bassheads and Mark Breeze on Clubland live tours, as well as perfoming internationally. Her songs have been remixed by Bodybangers, Michael Mind, Dimaro, Macky Gee, not to mention received support from Armin Van Buuren himself. Heidi Anne regularly collaborates as singer/songwriter with Mark Breeze (Styles and Breeze) as part of Clubland and Clubland X-treme. She is releasing her first major single in years and has just shot a video with a prolific videography team called 'Digitilheart', known for their renditions of The Spiderman movies. Heidi Anne is now is performing internationally and ready to drop her new EDM album with producer George Stapel, whilst releasing also her own solo material.