Heidi Anne is a singer/songwriter & performer.
Although her singing and style shows originality, Heidi Anne 's powerful voice and big range has also been compared to that of Christina Aguilera. In fact, recently her voice has been described as having 'Toni Braxton's lows and Aguilera's highs with beautiful intonation'. Any singer would agree that the compliments don't get better than this.

Heidi has worked alongside stars such as TPain, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross, who featured on her release 'When the sun comes up' in 2012, charting globally. Her songs have been remixed by top DJ's such as Bodybangers and Michael Mind project. Proceeding this she featured as a singer on tour with Rick Ross himself. After touring the UK with The Bassheads and Mark Breeze as a live PA on Clubland live tours, she then found her music being featured on playlists by Armin Van Buuren. Heidi Anne is excited about the launch of her new single and album in 2019 with German producer and talent George Stapel.